Granwood Flooring

High-quality Granwood flooring

If you are looking for extremely durable flooring for your local community centre, concert hall, sports hall, school or anywhere else,  Granwood flooring is the perfect option. Not only is it durable but it has a beautiful shiny finish that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Johnson's Flooring are experts at refurbishing and maintaining Granwood flooring in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Granwood flooring

Granwood was first invented in the 1900s and has been continuously developing since that time. Most of UK's sports floors are Granwood floors. These floors are environmentally friendly, they resist fire, water, dry rot, and humidity. However the durability of these floors is what makes them so popular. If you have a Granwood floor which is in need of restoring please get in touch with a member of our team today. 
Granwood flooring
If you are looking for durable Granwood flooring in Newcastle, contact Johnson's Flooring  
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Granwood floor maintenance

Granwood floor maintenance 

Keeping your Granwood floor well maintained is important as it can help the flooring last for longer and keep it in the best condition possible. We give you expert advice and information on the best ways to maintain your Granwood flooring.
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